Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Monday Morning QB'ing the GWoT

Well, he said he'd do it, and just like his promise to spread the socialism around he's doing it:
One day after releasing a set of Bush administration memorandums claiming sweeping presidential powers to bypass legal constraints when fighting terrorism, Justice Department officials said on Tuesday that they may soon disclose further secret opinions about interrogation, surveillance, and other national security policies.
The peanut gallery is surely cheering this largess of BDS crack being thrown their way by his Oneness (for some reason images of the Wizard and Gollum come to mind) but does America really care? Seems they'd care more about their vaporized retirement accounts or maybe Putey-poot's in-your-face message to Obama on the missile shield? Or whether Lil Rounds will make it to the next level on Idol.

Public opinion has never deterred the truth seekers, though. The next logical move is a truth commission, of course:
Meanwhile, some lawmakers cited the disclosures of the nine formerly secret documents as a reason to have an independent commission review the development of the department’s legal opinions involving presidential powers in the global campaign against terrorism.
While they gather a posse consider this tidbit in the same Times story, which proves the space-time continuum is about to come crashing down:
Jose Padilla, who was detained for years as an enemy combatant before eventually being tried and convicted in a civilian criminal procedure, is suing John Yoo,
Stay tuned next week as KSM files suit against Bush for a billion dollars and our lefty friends take it seriously. Perhaps they can make him a star witness at the truth commission hearings. Hopefully a dirty bomb won't go off somewhere during the proceedings.

Of course all of this is more a distraction than anything else. We'll be looking at some of these memos here later (time is short of late) but here's the bottom line--the Pelosi-led Congress had a chance to act on Kucinich's impeachment articles and did not, for purely partisan reasons. It would be absolutely astounding to see them shine more light on that incompetence. Well, then again..


Anonymous said...

Public opinion has never deterred the truth seekers ...

Hmmm. Doesn't this depend on the kind of truth being sought? I mean, isn't it true that public opinion does often affect those looking for political truth, as opposed to, say, real truth?

Just asking. I need a beer.

A.C. McCloud said...

I reckon my truth seekers were the nutroots, who of course mostly believed that America WAS fully behind them (even if we were not).

That said, I think many are deranged enough to carry on regardless of public opinion, just like the 9/11 troofers. Ironically it's the politicians who have the ability to get to the truth but won't- based on public opinion.

Now I need one.

LASunsett said...

//Just asking. I need a beer.//

//Now I need one.//

So now this is the drunk blog now?

That doesn't bother me except that you guys were having beers and didn't tell me. Here it is 0630 and I find out I missed a beer party, how would that make you both feel?

Hope you need ice packs.


Seeking truth is not seeking a predetermined truth (which I suspect is Mustang's "Political Truth" most of the time). "Seeking" takes on two different meanings in this world:

1. Having a theory and doing everything to prove something.

2. Not knowing the truth and studying data to learn something.

I suspect that #1 generates more skewed data than #2.