Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wronging a Wrong

"Decent people". That's the term Charlie Rangel used as he introduced HR 1586, the "Using the Tax Code as a Political Weapon while Covering Democrat Ass" bill of 2009, or something like that. Indeed, are there any decent people left in DC?

Just the other day the same hack guy said he was a bit leery of using the tax code as a weapon, specifically stating, "Is this an indictment or a bill?". Apparently a subsequent visit from Nancy made him see a different light--see the update to the Huffpo link.

At least there was one seemingly decent person in Minority Leader Boehner, who followed Rangel on stage by reminding everyone of the grief he took a few weeks ago by throwing the 1000 page Stimulus Plan that nobody read on the House floor-- quite simply must-see-TV and a shining moment of FUBAR clarity. He departed by asking how anyone could vote yes on a targeted 90 percent tax rate. Indeed, how, and still maintain their party philosophy?

But some did. Here are the names of the Republican Nancy boys (and girls) who joined with Rangel and Pelosi's pitchfork mob by voting yes:

...well, we don't have their names yet. But they know who they are. Soon we all will.

So folks, welcome to bedlam. There are evidently a bunch of adolescents running the federal government at the moment. At least the leader of this pack will get a chance to explain everything tonight on Leno--right after he finishes explaining all his NCAA picks of course.


Here's the list. Included in the yea votes are Cantor and Hoekstra and a lot of others, including Tennessee's Zach Wamp. The 7th District was well-served, though.


Darth Rob said...

I was watching C-Span as this happened and I honestly could not believe not one of our reps had the guts to stand up and say we made a mistake and next time we will do better. Thats all they needed to do. I think they were covering for Obama, his idea, his stimulus package, his error.

A.C. McCloud said...

Yep, the whole thing smelled of a diversion.