Thursday, March 05, 2009

What's Wright Trying to Tell Us?

This is the second time he's preached this apologia:
"He's like any other president," Wright said. "He's a politician and he's got to do what politicians do."
OK, well so far he's ballooned the deficit, skyrocketed the national debt, lied about earmark reform, closed GTMO, ticked off the Brits, ticked off Wall St investors, reneged on leaving Iraq in 15 months (or at all), and put a man who thinks websites have 'numbers' in charge of tracking federal stimulus spending. It's politician 101.

But Wright said, "he's like any other president". Hey, we were told that wasn't true! Still, it seems like the reverend might be trying to telegraph something by explaining Obama's actions as merely political. What does he think Obama would be doing sans the politics?


Mustang said...

I love it.

The more Obama talks, the further the stock averages drop. The more Wright talks, the more Obama begins to look less like a messiah.

I'm sure there is a mathetmatical forumla: Given the aforementioned facts, Obama should match Bush in overall popularity in about sixteen seconds.

Oh wait ... Americans don't do math.


A.C. McCloud said...

We mustn't obsess on the day to day fluctuations of the markets now Mustang. Obama is trying to change America by making the most out of this crisis to punish the evil rich and make sure they never get rich again. Your negative contributions will be noted, comrade.

LASunsett said...

Yeah, Mustang. Like AC said. The state will deliver us from the evil rich and leadeth us beside contracted economies, so that we will all suffer equally. You heretic you.

Long live the state.