Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama Budget Pledge

Via Sweetness and Light, this is part of Obama's new campaign to use grassroots volunteers to help garner support for a massive budget to be debated later this year. Nope, this isn't the one loaded with earmarks he just signed (that was last year's business, just like the TARP and AIG bailout).

Apparently the passage of this multi-trillion budget signifies the actual change we were told to believe in, things such as government-run health care, cap and trade taxes on the middle class, and spreading the wealth downward through new taxes on the amorphous "rich" (while continuing to demonize them). No, that's not what he's telling the bots nor will it be what they tell their neighbors, but it's always good to be informed before someone comes knocking.

Here's the pledge page:

Clicking on the pic will not take you to the actual ObamaBorg site but rather to a symbol of patriotic dissent.

By the way, grassroots movements are common but grassroots movements ordered by the president are kinda Creepy with a capital C. If the bots are getting this jazzed over a simple budget resolution perhaps that's because of the downrange impact it might have. So if it's not a conservative wake up call maybe it should be--or at least something worth watching a little closer.

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LASunsett said...

Those that oppose this kind of thing should draw up an organization to pledge NOT to support the plan. But counter organizations like this are hard to start because most of the people that would be inclined to join and work for such a thing, have jobs and a life. Most of the bots do not.

I remember from history an organization called the Hitler Youth, who pledged allegiance not to Deutschland, but to old Uncle Adolf himself. You are right, it is creepy and if it doesn't get stopped soon, it can get out of control fast. (If it hasn't already).

A.C. McCloud said...

The question is whether the bots will respond in force as they did when the One was clean and pure and full of hopeychange.

My guess is the Obama hierarchy will attempt to whip up the mob by pitting them against Limbaugh and Hannity, who'll be painted as nazis trying to stop health care.

Darth Rob said...

I love patriotic dissent, warms my heart. God Bless America.