Friday, March 13, 2009

Shoe Throwers International

This is really quite amusing--people joining together worldwide to celebrate a crass act of failure. Said one fan:
Matt Love of Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada called the Iraqi journalist's move "an act of great courage" and said that in showing his disdain for Bush, "He spoke for many millions of people."

The 52-year-old retired Washington state department of transportation worker believes everyone can learn from the shoe thrower.
Learn what, to act emotionally when one disagrees with a head of state? To practice more violent dissent? Or to throw bigger shoes or practice harder? The 3 year sentence seems a little harsh but in comparison to what Saddam would have done, not so much. But whatever the case--pies, shoes, signs, insults--it's no wonder so many on the left felt immediate solidarity with al-Zaidi.


Mustang said...

Learn what, to act emotionally when one disagrees with a [fill in the blank]?

Doesn’t this really describe the American left? If Chris Matthews can be a shrew, is it fair to exclude A-rab journalists? Now I happen to think that throwing a pie is an art form; not everyone is accurate with pies, and it takes a great deal of practice. More to the point, they are exceedingly difficult to smuggle into a press conference or high-level meeting and this of course simply means that emotional throwers of [fill in the blank] have to be innovative. Not everyone can be a Soupy Sales—who as you may know was a master of throwing pies.

Anonymous said...

Where was the 'Hero' when Sadam was torturing and killing his own people? Courage in this case is relative.

Anonymous said...

Courageous???? I think not. The long and short of it is ... this was an assault on the President of the United States. Whether or not you liked him personally, our President was assaulted by a foreign journalist. Assaulting a foreign head of state is NEVER acceptable ... EVER.

Lets see is anyone on the Left has the same feelings if anyone throws ANYTHING at President Obama. I wonder is it would be considered "courageous" if the next time Iranian "president" Ahmadinejad is in the U.S. someone throws a show at HIM?!