Friday, April 16, 2010

Are the Dems Using Okla City? a way to paint modern Tea Partiers as dangerous radicals who might one day blow up buildings just like al Qaeda? Surely they wouldn't stoop so low, but some early rumblings are pointing in that direction.

Rachel Maddow will be hosting a special two hour show about the Oklahoma City bombing Monday night. Her stand on 'teabaggers' is well known. The preview of the show suggests a connection. How is that not vile?

BTW, wonder if Maddow will venture down this road? Wonder if she'll explore the puzzle of why Terry Nichols' went to Cebu City, Philippines at the same time Yousef and KSM were there, only to return and have his bomb work as well as the first WTC bomb? Wonder if she'll ponder what might have happened had Clinton interrogated Yousef when he was captured two months before the bombing? Nah, she probably condemns the targeting of Muslims in such a manner.

Meanwhile the NYT, never one to be one-upped, features Bill Clinton's take on the event today. He will deliver a keynote address tonight at a memorial event held by his former associates at the far left Center for American Progress. This same man once insinuated that Rush Limbaugh was responsible for the bombing and his wife claimed there was a vast right wing conspiracy out to get them. Wonder if they'll explore those lessons?

Slick points to Michelle Bachmann; the Times writer mentions the crosshairs on Palin's political target map in the effort to demonize those opposed to the present track we're on. Yet somehow it wasn't incendiary when anti-war protesters were in the streets openly advocating for Bush's demise while the DLC produced a political target map in 2004 with bullseyes.

They mention Waco, but looking back the Ruby Ridge incident occurred when Bush 41 was president. Many militia members thought he was on the leading edge of a one-world government when he called for a 'new world order' in a speech condemning Saddam Hussein--delivered on September 11th, 1990. Surely that was a memorable date in Saddam's mind.

But despite reality a lecture is always appropriate:
“Have at it,” he said. “You can attack the politics. Criticize their policies. Don’t demonize them, and don’t say things that will encourage violent opposition.”
Nice to see he's publicly discouraging the use of Alinsky tactics while engaging in them, while almost everyone in his party--even to include the president of the United States--have demonized the protesters from day one. Of course, such is becoming old hat with the latter.
Meanwhile another Clinton-era rejoinder, "it's the economy, stupid", lies dormant.

SPEAKING OF.. 4/16/10

..dangerous radicals, this swell character was just sentenced to 10 years in an Arkansas federal court for threatening the president and black people in general. Ten years seems rather lenient.

Then again, someone who actually killed a soldier while committing jihad against America, and who has recently "lashed out" at the president, sits in an Arkansas jail awaiting a state capital murder charge with no federal component whatsoever. What would happen if the case were thrown out on a technicality?

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