Sunday, April 04, 2010

Side Tracks

Happy Easter, all.

BTW, this report about the "face of Christ" is interesting, not because it actually shows the face of the Son of God per se (it's the face of the Shroud person) but by the reaction to it from people on the street. Notice the black woman wasn't very excited to see it, mentioning that Jesus' deeds were really all that mattered. And she's correct, both from an emotional and logical perspective.

Think about it--what would happen if Good Morning America was around to cover the Messiah? The tribal nature of mankind would make it hard for a modern Jesus to spread the message without constant bickering over his image. Any such a figure would almost have to be a chameleon, which would be seen as either a trick or miracle, which takes away from the whole faith thing.

So it seems only logical to think that if God were going to send a messenger it would have occurred before the age of mass media so the Savior could become someone only envisioned through the mind of each person by reading or listening. For instance, Reverend Wright can say Jesus was black but that only makes Him black in the reverend's mind; a far-eastern believer might see Him as looking more eastern, etc.

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