Friday, April 30, 2010

Boycott Insanity

The stupidity continues over the Arizona immigration bill. From a New York congressman:
"Baseball has been a game that has unified us," Serrano said. "People root for players on their team regardless of where they come from. You might have strong feelings against immigrants but you don't mind that fact that there's a guy playing on your team with a visa from Venezuela, the Dominican Republic or some other place."
"Strong feelings against immigrants"? Try strong feelings against illegal immigrants and lawlessness along the border. Apparently this congressmoron who took an oath to defend the constitution doesn't even realize he admitted that Latinos in MLB are LEGAL.

His boycott would likely hurt many Americans of Latin descent in Arizona but Serrano isn't grotesquely stupid--he's trying to stir up Latino baseball stars for the cause, presumably recruiting more Democratic voters, and it may work. Not sure what he thinks about those who don't fit the mold--like perhaps the most famous Latino ballplayer Albert Pujols, who recently became a US citizen.

Also notice ABC News did nothing to correct the mis-perception between illegal and legal (while conveniently bringing up Arizona's refusal to recognize the King holiday in the 80s) but they are hardly alone--most big media outlets freely allow the open borders people to use this smear at will.

Just imagine if conservative politicians started referring to anyone opposed to enforcement of our border laws as "pro-illegal alien", or "pro law-breaking", or "pro drug-violence", or "pro-chaos"? Think the big media would stand by and not provide clarification, even for one minute?


Debbie said...

You're a genius. We SHOULD start using those 'pro' terms, because in essence they are accurate.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

"You're a genius"..

My wife would disagree on that one. But maybe you're right.
"Pro-illegal" has a ring to it..

LASunsett said...

We should find out who is officially boycotting Arizona, and boycott them.

A.C. McCloud said...

This is all so unbelievably silly. The Arizonans are just doing the job the Feds won't do, and for that they are racists. America is crumbling from within.