Sunday, April 11, 2010

Re-fighting the Past

Wow, you know things are getting slow when the press starts trying to re-fight the civil war. And Roland Martin? Comparing confederate troops to terrorists? CNN should send him back to the minors for that nonsense but I guess they need the web traffic. The prez? Well, he has no problem taking a stand against some enemies, evidently.

Haley Barbour says it all "amounts to diddly." He's right--nobody was trying to dismiss the horrors of slavery or lament the south's loss, just recognize Virginians who died in that war, exactly as his Democratic state legislature of Mississippi has done for years. But in this day and age a politician cannot afford to appear callous, which is how this will be spun, which is why it's even an issue. Which is why (along with that accent) Barbour will never be president.

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