Monday, April 26, 2010

Lines in the Sand

Funny how just when 'immigration reform' was dead in the Senate some new life gets breathed in:
Has Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) suddenly revived a major item on President Obama's agenda and moved it to the top of his to-do list?
As they say about illegals--they do the jobs Americans won't do. Brewer is now doing a job the federal government won't do. Sure, asking for proof of citizenship is a tad draconian and hopefully unconstitutional, but when her residents and police are being killed by illegal aliens what's a governor to do? And what's a president to do? Of course, use it to push for unpopular reforms! If this were a Republican parlor trick the left would be yelling "Reichstag fire".

According to reports Senator Graham backed out of amnesty reform over the weekend then last night indicated he wasn't so sure. Bryon York says the votes still aren't there, mainly because the needed Democrats might not show up. But no sense in letting a crisis go to waste, and hey, a video call to arms never hurts when done at the right moment.

MORE 4/26/10

Funny--"Refried Beans of Hate". Quick, somebody get Clinton to the scene to calms things down.

By the way, opponents of the bill (cough Obama) say the government needs to act on this problem, presumably by passing amnesty. But how would an amnesty or a guest worker program or making illegals in America legal stop the illegal drug shipments crossing the border and the crime that comes with it? Do they think smugglers will be so giddy they'll voluntarily check in at border stations or something? Or maybe we can just legalize all drugs, just like the illegals.


Anonymous said...

I'm aghast. Sharpton is protesting?

Why is this news? Isn't that how he earns his millions?

A.C. McCloud said...

Yes, but Sharpton was recently named Obama's man-of-the-street czar. So the question is who's paying him now.

Debbie said...

The Feds are going to legally challenge the AZ law. Should be interesting.

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