Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Police "Acting Stupidly"?

That's what the DC Park Police are saying about the strange event yesterday when Lafayette Park (in front of the White House) was closed as gay service members stood handcuffed to the fence out front. Politico reported, then reported the explanation:
"We had some young officers who, when they were told to move the people back -- which we typically do when we're going to make arrests - they moved the people back a lot further than we typically do," said Schlosser. "That was a rookie, amateur error and they screwed up on that."
Many possibilities--1) they are telling the truth, 2) the White House didn't want the specter of service members being arrested in front of the White House to make the evening news (assuming it would), 3) the Park Police or Secret Service didn't want that image, totally independent of the WH (as with the Sahali party crashers, evidently), 4) nothing happened at all--it was actually created by a CIA hologram.

Assuming it's not 4 or 1, that leaves 2 and 3 as most plausible and the answer to that question is probably in the realm of don't ask, don't tell. Interesting though--at least some in the media are appalled for the first time and many in the gay community are not buying it for a minute. But wait, could this really just be a clever stunt designed to get the right onboard with gays in their quest to abolish DADT due to their mutual outrage, in other words, an enemy of my enemy is my friend thing? Yeah, plain old incompetence or politics makes more sense but with these cats it's never clear.

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