Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Play Politics!

Nothing wrong with the prez throwing out a ceremonial first pitch on opening day:

But an eephus pitch? Well, judge not on such things, it's a difficult toss, but maybe an eephus pitch makes sense since he's always trying to use subterfuge to get things done.

The Chi Sox prop hat came out again, which makes it mighty convenient to later make a comparison between the working class heroes on the south side, where he hails, and the wine sipping bourgeois Cub fans on the north. Never miss an opportunity to make class and income distinctions! Even if he doesn't really hail from the south side and even if he can't name any favorite players growing up.

And wasn't that a brilliant question from the color man (Rob Dibble?). Wonder if he made the conscious acknowledgment ahead of time that Obama probably wasn't a White Sox fan "growing up" since he attended school in Indonesia and Hawaii, which would amount to a set up question, or whether it was a spur-of-the-moment thing? Obama was forced to admit he wasn't always a fan before arriving in the south side--nothing wrong with that--but he stumbled mightily in getting there with the image getting a bit frayed in the process.

Oh well, surely Obama's crack advisory staff are looking into the color man (can we say that anymore?) to see if they can find anything fishy. Just in case. And maybe at the next prime time press conference Helen Thomas can ask him to name his favorite Oakland A's player 'growing up'. At the current pace he'll have plenty of time to research it. Or heck with that--Gibbs can just Twitter out the answer much faster.

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