Friday, April 02, 2010

These People Are Getting Scary

No, not the tea partiers, the cabal trying to smear the tea partiers or anyone else opposed to the policies of this president. For instance, Harry Smith of CBS made news today by shooting hoops (playing basketball for all our white readers) with the president and in the course of the interview, managed to throw down some slams on his hate radio competition on AM, whom he claims to be monitoring. But if Harry has really been listening how did he miss this:

Malloy has in the past wished mental illness for Palin and called O'Reilly a murderer. True, he's only a former Air America nobody and yes, Obama covered himself by mentioning that both sides should turn down the volume. But to use a sports metaphor, everyone knows the score on that one, good buddy.

Obama does this frequently since losing the war to Fox News--slyly hitting both sides with a jab in order to bash the real targets on the right. These White House folks must really think they're the most cunning foxes to ever run the national hen house.

But the media is a different story. Based on a search, Harry Smith never donned a pith helmet and ventured into the roiling moonbat sea to explore hate for the previous president (wait, that was a few days ago); he never went mountain bike riding with Bush and stood by as W dissed the Dixie Chicks or Air America (not as if Bush would have stooped).

But Harry did opine about Bush's long vacations, which included mountain biking, including some folksy wit about his global warming stance. And here's Mr. Smith grilling the late Tony Snow over just about everything including closing Gitmo.

For contrast, here's Smith grilling Robert Gibbs over the promise, but failure, to close Gitmo. And here he is grilling the president over breaking that promise. Almost like drilling him a new navel, word.

Ah shucks though, don't be too hard on the clucks--after all, they helped put the man in office.


Debbie said...

The left has been pretty vile in the past, but they are in overdrive now.
If anyone is inciting violence, it is the left.

Right Truth

LASunsett said...

They definitely want violence, so they get an opportunity to crack down, suspend more freedoms, and lump everyone who disagrees with them into one category. This is the method and the modus operandi of leftist thugs. They have used these tactics has since the days right after the publishing of Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto.

The Bolsheviks did it, Italian socialists did it in the days leading up to Mussolini's rise to power. Mao did it to gain influence and power, Castro, Chavez, the list goes on.

This, within itself, is not shocking. The shocking part is that there are still a lot people who cannot for some reason make this connection and allow themselves to be caught up in this wave of thuggery and intimidation.

Malloy is pretty much an ass and has been for a long while. He is only on in 13 markets nationwide, and this hate speech he engages in is the primary reason.

A.C. McCloud said...

He's really not worth posting, since it's almost like posting some idiotic screed from a message board troll. But he IS a radio "personality" and definitely part of the hate the left can't see. Deep down many are probably high fiving him.