Monday, April 05, 2010

Forgotten Stories Update

Here are a few things swirling around that the major media seems to have no real interest in following..

The Tripoli Miracle

Pan Am 103 bomber al-Megrahi, counted for dead and traded back to Libya for something or other, recently celebrated his 58th birthday after being technically dead for almost a year. But don't worry, he still has only weeks left to live. Just like in December. And in August. And last April. And October 2008.

So what's forgotten? Not al-Megrahi, more like the Obama connection. Is it reasonable to assume the administration was clueless about this deal beforehand? And if not, were they horribly punked by the Brits? The Scots doctors? Gaddafi? This man was convicted of killing almost 200 Americans and helped to bring about the demise of an entire airline. One might think our intrepid media would have smelled something.

Taliban number Two

al-Baradar, remember him? His capture was a big issue during the opening weeks of the Afghan surge and rumors were swirling that he was singing like a chatty Cathy. Then things went dark. The latest? He is still in Pakistan.

Ethiopian Flight 409

The last official word came several weeks ago about a forthcoming preliminary report that was going to blame the pilot. This story attempts to blame Beirut ATC or another airline, while WND and others went with this bomb story connecting AQ in the Arabian Peninsula. Here's a summary.

The trials of al-Nashiri and Hambali...

..or Hasan, or the guy who waged jihad in Little Rock, or Abdulmuttalob. The last I've seen on Hambali was that he'd filed a habeas petition and that DOJ had not decided whether to try him in Washington, DC, or in a commission. Nidal Hasan will get a military trial--as appropriate--at some point. Al-Nashiri, the USS Cole bomber, is also getting a commission according to Holder. But there has been virtually nothing about it since he spoke those words in Congress. And now his department has backtracked on calling Abu Zubaydah a member of al Qaeda, something even the Clinton administration was certain about.

As to underbomber Abdulmuttalob, he supposedly has a pre-trial hearing coming up on April 13th in Detroit. And as for Abdulhakim, the Little Rock jihadist, this is about the only thing to come out of late. He will apparently be tried in Arkansas state court, not on terrorism charges.

Raghad Hussein

Back in 2007 I posted this about Interpol's interest in Saddam's daughter, who is apparently still being sheltered in Jordan while helping finance one of the Sunni insurgent groups in Iraq (Al-Douri's group?). Interpol has now increased the pressure yet everybody seems to know exactly where she is hiding--Jordan.

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