Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fat Chances

So Blago wants Obama to testify in his Senate-seat auction case? That's about as likely as anyone finding out who destroyed the CIA interrogation tapes (since the latest FOIA release has apparently exonerated the Bush folks).

Hot Rod is an interesting character, though. It's almost as if he's regularly doing and saying outrageous things to keep his profile as high as possible, to the point of becoming a household name. Wonder why he would do that, aside from the fame?


Debbie said...

Never happen, just another Blago Sideshow, ha

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Indeed! Now Blago has released a PDF file with redacted info about Obama that allows someone to cut/paste into a word processor to read. Unreal.

What a shady survivor. He knows Obama will never testify then he can claim he can't defend himself, etc. But even if he doesn't this keeps him high visibility enough so that late night car crash seems a bit more suspicious.

The Rezko thing seems a bit more troubling, though. Too bad Fitzgerald was sent away.