Friday, April 23, 2010

Testing for Earthquakes

Earthquakes seem to be on the increase but folks cannot seem to settle for a natural explanation to anything anymore. So we appear to have two running theories now--on the one hand a liberal tree-hugger who blames the increase of both quakes and volcanoes on western democracy, and on the other a Muslim cleric who blames them on too much western-style cleavage. I'll just go ahead and blame Bush, but both of these guys can't be right!

Which is why this question calls for a scientific experiment:
The campaign to trigger a 'Boobquake' was begun by American student Jennifer McCreight who has so far got 40,000 people to sign up to the idea on a special Facebook page (where another 150,000 have been invited) and has attracted a large following on Twitter.
April 26, mark it down. Observations will certainly be taken far and wide, perhaps with more precision that a mercury thermometer. We look forward to seeing the data. Oh, and by the way, to be on the safe side you may want to avoid West Lafayette next week. Just sayin'.

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