Thursday, October 09, 2008

Acorn on Obama's Plane?

According to John McCain all this voter fraud stuff
"doesn't pass the smell test".
According to CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds Obama's plane
smells terrible.
They better do a nut check.

Speaking of silly, while we await the inevitable charges of racism against Mr. Reynolds (and by extension, John McCain again), the local paper just reported that voter registration is way up here in left Tennessee--to levels not seen since Mayor Willie Herenton ran against Dick Hackett in 1992. Said a registration volunteer:
"We are looking at the map and trying to target parts of the city that are Obama-friendly and they happen to coincide with areas where voter registrations are not high," said Hayes, who works as a fundraiser for Soulsville. "I work near the intersection of McLemore and Bellevue and that is hugely productive. I could just about have someone out 24/7 and get voters registered."
What about ACORN here locally? Not much going on according to the news section of their website, which is weird considering we're a month away from election. They do have a national website that helps to explain their role in the recent credit meltdown. And this was found in the cache from an old newsletter circa 2005 regards utility shutoffs:
After a series of community meetings with Memphis Lights, Gas & Water, Memphis ACORN is moving closer to an agreement with the CEO to extend moratoriums on shut-offs.
It's not clear whether that had anything to do with the ouster of the CEO, Joseph Lee, several years later for favoritism in a shutoff plan. But that, my friends, (channeling McCain) is the problem with some of these noble community activist projects that promote extending leniency to folks who can't play by the rules. When coupled with human greed and politicians the outcome is quite often widespread fraud, with the tab being picked up by those who do play by the rules. It always comes down to money--who has it, who wants it, who gets it.

At least all this recent talk about "fairness" has made the presidential choices clearer than before. America is on the verge of essentially electing the president of ACORN as the POTUS, figuratively speaking, and he will be the final arbiter of what's fair. And that's fine as long as voters understand it going into the booth, even if we end up with a quasi-socialist president. Do they?


Debbie said...

I wondered about ACORN in Tennessee. I suppose it's not a swing state, so they are concentrating on those states.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I'm sure they've been somewhat active around here, Debbie. My son was registered through a booth at the Cooper-Young festival awhile back, and he said they were all trying to pump Obama. Not sure it was ACORN--as mentioned by the CA even places like Soulsville are out rounding up vagrants for the cause.