Saturday, October 11, 2008

Curveball Finale

CNN actually found their way to interview the notorious Curveball in a secret location in Germany. In a nutshell--he's kinda weird, but he claims he didn't tell the BND about WMDs. At the same time, he thinks Saddam was making WMDs. And he thanks the USA for taking out Saddam and would like to return to Iraq one day. Believe or don't.

The interview took three hours but CNN's reporter didn't answer any of these questions, so there's still some mystery. But there was a proverbial historical boilerplate Bush-bashing section:
No biological weapons, no germ labs, no weapons of mass destruction of any kind were found in Iraq after the invasion.
Except those 500-odd Sarin and Mustard shells. As we all know, they don't officially count. Interestingly, Curveball claims he alone wasn't responsible for the intelligence (says there were others besides himself), which seems askew to this account from former weapons inspector David Kay, who is still blaming the Germans.

Oh well, this will surely be cleared up once and for all in Oliver Stone's delightful new biography of sitting president W Bush. Or maybe on the Daily Show.


Anonymous said...

There were WMDs.

The fascination should be about what in the heck Saddam did with them, rather than “were there any at all.” Hint: Bakkah Valley, Syria. CNN’s lack of curiosity helps to redefine “investigative journalism.” Plus, how can you give anyone codenamed “curveball” any credibility? Now Deep Throat – there was a codename.

Please, my friend . . . The Daily Show and Oliver Stone have as much credibility as CNN ever did. At least be fair and balanced. :-)

A.C. McCloud said...

My bad. ;-)