Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The October Pop Gun

HuffPo readers are having a collective sexual experience about Murray Waas' new "October surprise" article about McCain's transition director, William Timmons's past associations with Saddam Hussein.

Er, not actually with Saddam, but with Tongsun Park and Samir Vincent, who were recently convicted of being unregistered agents for the ex big chopper. To this point McCain has only been associated with Timmons and not the other two, but as this illustrates, associations do matter!

Perhaps we should welcome this foray back into Oil For Food three weeks before the election since it provides an opportunity to point out a few things. For instance, had Bush used Obama's superior 2002 judgment about Iraq we'd probably still be in the midst of trying to unravel that failed international mess and Iraqi kids would still be starving. Will this point be made effectively by McCain, or at all? Might as well ask whether pigs will fly, or Republicans will nationalize the banks. Uh, scratch that last one.

Anyway, Claudia Rossett mentioned Timmons and his connections in 2006 and it was also mentioned here, but there was no mention of John McCain anywhere. It appears Timmons gave up this fight in the mid 90s, right around the time Obama was latte-sipping with former domestic terrorists as he kicked off his political career.

One might think the left would be applauding the fact that Timmons was trying to use diplomacy instead of bombs, meaning he's not a neocon, but such perception won't be gleaned here. It's designed to flow the other way.

But of course, now that one degree separations are in play maybe we can all study Tony Rezko's friend Iraqi Nadhmi Auchi and his purported ties to Oil For Food. Can anyone think of any reason for opposing the toppling of Saddam Hussein with all that bribe cash flowing through pipes?

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