Monday, October 20, 2008

Testing the Mettle

Jim Geraghty will soon be slimed for right-wing fearmongering. The charge? Repeating Joe Biden's campaign rhetoric:
I've been asking Obama waverers if they thought Putin and Medvedev would take it easy on the new guy while he learns the ropes. Russia's a good bet, but you have to wonder if Hezbollah and Hamas would feel like they could take some shots at Israel while the new president settles in. Ahmadinejad might enjoy rattling the saber, and seeing if Obama still makes good on his pledge for a summit without preconditions within one year. If Kim Jong Il is still alive and kicking, God knows what he'll try with a new guy.
Follow the link to read Biden's set-up (or apology for Barack's experience, whichever) if you've not already heard it. If Obama wins he'll be entering office not only with one of the most aggressive domestic agendas in recent memory but also with an agenda to 'change the world'. How many foreign leaders will see this as extreme naivete? Lots, perchance.

Hamas is already running interference by saying they'll send Obama a note of congratulations the moment he wins election. No doubt we'll also be treated to images of Arabs dancing in the streets firing their Kalashnikovs. So sure, Biden is already trying to temper the coming blows.

Oddly enough ole four-letter Joe seems to be suggesting, once again, that McCain might be a better choice at this point. Or Hillary. Or perhaps himself.


Mustang said...

Back when I was a teenager, it was common practice in the Roman Senate to choose a weak leader as consul whenever possible. It didn't always work out that way, of course, but everyone knows the weakest leaders are easiest to manipulate, whether domestically, or in matters of foreign affairs. Apparently, even Biden knows this.

The US last saw weak-sister administrations under Wilson and Carter -- naturally, both Democrats.

Under Wilson's lack of leadership, Germany was permitted to attack our ships and cities with little more than mild protestations. It was not until the US uncovered a conspiracy between Germany and Mexico that Wilson finally did something. Under Carter, we lost our Embassy and our citizens held captive for 444 days. The moron in charge of that operation was Ahmadinejad.

Wilson also suspended the Constitution as a means of suppressing popular dissent. It was not exactly like the present-day liberal campaign to silence Joe the Plumber, but sort-of. Same mindset, anyway. With Obama in the White House, it could get even worse.

A.C. McCloud said...

That's the problem with electing a cult of personality. Already we're seeing people who would normally never approve of a man like Ayers or Wright brushing them out of their brains in order to keep the vision alive.

LASunsett said...

//Back when I was a teenager, it was common practice in the Roman Senate to choose a weak leader as consul whenever possible.//

Mustang lies about his age, AC. I know for a fact, from a good source, Mustang enlisted in the Marines long before Rome was a power. He fought in Nebuchadnezzar's campaign against the Phoenicians.

He talks about being a teenager in Rome, just to impress women that may read your blog. Gotta watch him.

A.C. McCloud said...

Gotta watch him.

It's always good to have the input of seasoned citizens to keep us younger know-it-alls in check.