Thursday, October 09, 2008


Democrats are starting to count their chickens while Rome burns. Here's Paul Maslin, a Democrat strategist, in the Politico:
Barring a terrorist attack,” said Maslin, “in the face of what’s happened to the United States economy, the world economy, in the last two weeks, how does this trend reverse itself?”
Aside from the obvious insinuation that Barack isn't strong on terrorism, why would a terrorist attack matter now? The economy would thoroughly crater leaving more Americans desirous of a savior leader who could stop the bleeding, especially if al Qaeda chose the right targets and worded their responsibility statement towards forcing us out of the Middle East.

The tourniquet would be a withdrawal on all fronts. The splint would be an across the board sacrifice for the cause of freedom without surrender. Based on our recent willingness to let the government apply a tourniquet to the financial markets, which is more likely? Do we collectively have the will and guts to stop barbaric 7th century head-choppers from claiming world-wide victory over free democratic institutions?

Neither McCain nor Obama can stop this financial runaway train but either could certainly turn a pending derailment into a general pile-up. The reality of today's stock market drop is that we are we are in this together. The final debate should be a showcase of leadership as to who's best equipped to lead us through this approaching dark valley, with an ear to the Almighty. It's about that simple.

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