Saturday, October 04, 2008

Not Dead

Azzam the American is still alive and has blamed our current financial crisis on our "crusades" in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan along with our violation of the Islamic prohibition of using credit. His long methodical diatribe also blames it on greed, which sadly to say he's correct about.

There was some audio from bin Laden included but it didn't mention current events, suggestive that his death remains possible. Clearly, by saying the Muslims are on the verge of a great victory he's suggesting we'll soon be pulling up stakes in the GWoT.

Interestingly, Gadahn mentioned our propensity to air raid villages and kill civilians, something previously mentioned by Obama and something that Palin stressed in the debate as proof that Obama was not fit to serve. Will Obama respond to this strange nexus, or will McCain use it in Tuesday's debate? One has to wonder, especially since Obama's on record of wanting to air raid villages and kill civilians in Pakistan.

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