Wednesday, October 15, 2008

F the Director

Rick Moran wrote a promissory note to the American right yesterday vowing to support a president Obama even if he disagreed. That's noble and necessary for maintaining our system.

But this, my friends, is compete and utter BS:

Currently showing at Talk Left. It's off the wall outrageous and disrespectful to a sitting president but certainly par for the leftist course over the past eight years. The pathetic mainstream press couldn't care less, yet let somebody make even the slightest disrespectful crack against a certain presidential candidate, and they all pull a hammy trying to beat each other to press with the story about conservative racism. Welcome to change.


Debbie said...

The difference in Liberals and Conservatives is ... we can watch the Daily Show, W. or anything put out by the left. We can watch, laugh, and continue our lives. The left cannot do that. To them this is SERIOUS, this is HONEST, this is how they truly feel.

We saw An American Carol, and it was good, it was HONEST. "W" is not honest.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I almost split a gut tonight. The new ads for W are using "Oscar caliber performances". What a sick country we've become to do this to a sitting president, no matter what people think of him.