Monday, October 27, 2008

Calling all Idiots

They are from Tennessee and Arkansas. They do not represent Tennessee or Arkansas. Or the Mid South. Or Memphis. Or the Red States. Or Bitter Clingers. Or patriotism. Or the Republican Party. Or John McCain. Or Sarah Palin. Or Bill Clinton. Or Conservatives. Or Christians.

They represent all moronic idiots the world over who choose hate over love and can't think for themselves.

This event feels similar to the Fort Dix, Goose Creek, and Denver events, where suspected terrorists were captured on other charges then expressed their evil intent after arrest.

Whether these two had means to pull off the attack is debatable but all such threats have to be taken seriously not only literally, but also as to their societal relevance. A skinhead assassination of Obama might set race relations backwards 50 years overnight and cause chaos throughout the land. It's not out of the question that al Qaeda could recruit skins or other lily whites to target Obama in an effort to cause domestic destabilization ahead of or in conjunction with other attacks.

Will the civil libertarians complain as loudly about this event as they have about Islamic terror cell busts? Probably not. Regardless, it shows the importance of gaining intelligence to thwart events before they occur, something the left has largely groaned over during the Bush years.

Something else to keep in perspective. Once upon a time domestic terrorists plotted against America, the police, and the military. Some even managed to set off explosives, which killed a few people. Some later went to jail while other escaped justice and are currently employed in the Illinois university system.


Mike said...

After I saw this video, I couldn't possibly vote for McCain..

He personally admits he ran for ambition, not issues, and the rest of the parts shows proof of him lying in his own words on lots of critical topics (economy, national security, etc).

Dan said...

Read this:

Mccain has a plan for all of us Americans.. and it invokes a draft over the horizon..

A.C. McCloud said...

The Dems already tried the draft thing in 2004 and 2006.

But I'm wondering what that has to do with domestic terrorists, unless you're suggesting McCain plans to draft them.

Anonymous said...

Several bloggers are wondering — given the tens of millions of dollars sitting in Obama’s coffers, if the campaign is paying people to troll around and leave inane comments on blogs they perceive as “anti-Obama.”


No one would be that stupid. And even if they were, wouldn’t their comments reflect a higher level of education?

Wouldn’t they?

A.C. McCloud said...

No one would be that stupid. And even if they were, wouldn’t their comments reflect a higher level of education?

Wouldn’t they?

Well, most are coming from CNN, Mustang. So there's that.