Friday, October 31, 2008


First things first--only the LA Times knows for sure if the tape should be released. Most of us don't know squat about journalism, including yours truly, but viewing from afar it's not too hard to imagine that busting a source's confidentiality could be rather instantly counter-productive.

OK, with that out of the way we can move directly into wild speculation!

Why else would they hold it? Well, other than the obvious reasons: love for Obama and hate for Republicans (or irrational fear of their base) there could be a few other decision points aside from integrity. Yesterday the Times said they were putting their source into potential "jeopardy", today they changed to:
The Times keeps its promises to sources
Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.

So who might fall into jeopardy at the tape's release? Palestinian-Americans, maybe? Nah--if they weren't mass killed or sent to internment camps after that infamous post 9/11 street dancing, they're safe. Khalidi himself? He spouts his stuff all over the world all the time, so no. Ayers and Dohrn? Please. Obama? Well...Obama does have jack-booted Secret Service thugs protecting him (sorry, slipped into liberal vernacular). We must of course assume these guys don't take hit orders for political enemies, which might put the leaker in some serious jeopardy. But that's just silly.

Besides, we're discussing the source, not the target. Presumably releasing the tape would finger the videotaper to members of the dinner party, presuming he/she gave themselves away on the tape, therefore any malice would seemingly originate with the dinner party attendees. If true, isn't it a legitimate concern that Obama attended a party with such potential thuggery? Were mob figures present? Nation of Islam goons? Terrorists (other than Ayers)? Fess up--again--LA Times. Put some sunshine in government.

Or maybe this. Maybe the leaker was a known Clintonite desperately trying to sabotage Obama's lead before it was too late. Why else would anyone trust the LA Times with such a tape knowing it could find its way onto the tubes? Unless they didn't care. Or unless they knew the secret was safe. But just imagine the embarrassment if the leaker turned out to be a Clinton operative with Bill currently out stumping for That One™ during the home stretch. By the way, where is Hillary?

Guess we should get used to it. Unless McCain can pull a gipper the coming Obama revolucion will likely feature many more such examples of high media integrity when the public interest is involved without a whit of irony as to how they handled the Bush era. Just don't question them about it and things will be fine.

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