Thursday, October 02, 2008

Decision Time for Dems

So the Senate took an existing House bill, tacked on the bailout, er rescue, added millions of packs of Equal, patted themselves on the back for leadership, and have now excused themselves to go watch the playoffs or get massages or whatever they do on their 30 day weekends.

The House now finds themselves with a different bill AND a rescue measure, one which can now be spun as "NOT a Wall Street bailout", or in some districts perhaps "not a bailout for old rich white guys in New York while ending affordable housing as we know it", ie for many in the Congressional Black Caucus, who voted no Monday, even in so-called safe districts.

Meanwhile, Obama has been out cheerleading Congress, asking them to put country first and vote yes. Presumably that also extends to the CBC members. We puzzle over the outcome and who'll get the blame if it fails again, especially with that little wildcard called a VP debate in the way on Thursday night.

If Palin flames out that will definitely dominate the Friday morning news, a scenario under which House members planning to vote nay could hide behind the news coverage (or even join the pile on) while Obama goes into low earth orbit blaming McCain's judgment for picking Palin. If the bill then fails Obama can add that to the list while continuing to blame McCain for just about anything else he chooses, such as world hunger or warts. If the bill passes he can take full and total credit and the MSM will give it to him gladly.

But if Palin flames Biden (or even holds her own) it's a weaker news story, which turns the tide to McCain. The mainstreamers will immediately turn all eyes to the rescue vote trying to take attention away from a Palin victory. Nice for Barack but that also exposes any Dems who vote nay on the rescue, forcing explanations of why they bucked Hope and Change and main street. To avoid Obama getting a double shot of humbling defeat within the same 24 hours the only alternative left will be to redeem the savior by ensuring passage, which they can then assign to Obama and gain back the headlines. Which seems to guarantee passage either way. I think.

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