Friday, October 17, 2008

What's He Up To?

Louis Farrakhan, that is:
Hundreds of religious leaders of different faiths have been invited to the event planned for Sunday, a rededication of the group's historic Mosque Maryam on the city's South Side. Farrakhan is scheduled to speak.

"We have restored Mosque Maryam completely, and we will dedicate it to the universal message of Islam, and the universal aspect of the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad," Farrakhan said in an invitation letter. "It represents for the Nation of Islam, a new beginning.
Obama is still stinging (only mildly, since nothing really stings him) from the Reverend's prophecy moment in February. Everyone knows such quasi-endorsements don't really help that One with the clinging masses, made clear by Reverend Jackson's recent remarks in Europe. Some say these two leaders are angling to maintain their relevance, or worse. Judge for yourself.

Exit note--the article mentioned a bit of past history about Farrakhan but left out the most colorful, for some reason:

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