Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Obama Wave

According to our local paper the financial crisis is helping Obama:
The turmoil on Wall Street and the weakening economy are changing the presidential campaign map, giving new force to Barack Obama's strategy to make incursions into Republican territory, and forcing John McCain to scale back his efforts to capture Democratic states.
Indeed, Barack is out in the hinterlands touting his revolutionary reform plan for the federal government, the markets, teh health care, and just about anything else imaginable. Terrorism is merely a distant memory unless it's mentioned in context of bashing Bush for not beefing up NATO in Afghanistan so we can be accused of air-raiding more villages and killing more civilians.

In this recent Green Bay speech he blasts McCain for his ties to lobbyists and vows to toss 'em out on their ears. But for some reason the following tender moment ended up on their cutting room floor:

Aliens calling? A.J. Strata has a more domestic explanation--an earpiece. We won't go there. It's well-established that every so often Barack gets lost in his own words, as if he's outside his body listening to what he's saying.

Whatever the case, watching the truncated full video should give all McCain fans a case of the jitters. This guy has a waxed surfboard and a wave is coming.

Sure, it's a wave he shouldn't be riding, being one of the biggest recipients of bribe, er, campaign donations from Fannie Mae. But as we know, perception is reality. Main street is out for revenge and he's a good enough orator and politician to actually convince people he's not part of the pay to play game even though he tasked former Fannie and Lehman bigshot Jim Johnson to find him a VP.

Besides, his populist class warfare segues so nicely with his quasi-socialist platform. His speeches are generally harsher on American corporations than on al Qaeda, but hey--it's working! Age-old political axiom--people vote their pocketbooks.

The media help won't hurt. After running interference on William Ayers Saturday the New York Times attempted to explain Fannie Mae's demise in their Sunday edition using a cadre of anonymous sources, who managed to leave out any reasons why Dodd and Obama were numbers one and two on the Fannie largesse list. So their job is done.

Meanwhile, Obama will continue to get away with blaming the entire mess on McBush while taking credit for saving the financial planet himself, all the while calling the opposition low-lifes for pointing out his extensive relationships he had with disreputable Chicago characters. Even an old salty dog like McCain or a bold new Sarahcudda might not be able to break that wave, but here's to hope for change.

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Nailed it, unfortunately. I'd add that McCain once said he'd rather lose an election than lose a war. It might end up being both.


Anonymous said...

And it could be a self-fulfilling prophesy if he doesn't start fighting the fight.

Semper Fi

A.C. McCloud said...

I believe he's punch drunk after his campaign suspension stunt blew back in his face. I'm getting tired of defending him, but must keep fighting.