Friday, October 03, 2008

It's Official--Palin Won

The true test of the debate last night was going to be today's media coverage. After a long day it's clear Palin won the debate by not losing and summarily handing McCain a Little Big Horn moment. As bloggers have been pointing out all day long, the media has collectively yawned, focusing on the bailout.

Speaking of which, Pelosi was at least wise enough this time to not smear the GOP until after the voting occurred. That is, unless the previous episode was intentional. Here's her much anticipated remarks (sort of like her book):
"Mr. Frank will be holding hearings on where we go from here, because we are about the future. Mr. Waxman's hearings will be instructed as to how we got here -- that we know how to avoid this in the future. It will be about accountability, it will be about regulation, regulatory reform, which is essential. It will be about building an economy with a focus on the middle class, where many more Americans will participate in the economic security of our country.

"And the high flyers on Wall Street will no longer be able to jeopardize that personal economic security of Americans, again, because of the bright light of scrutiny and accountability and the attention given under regulatory reform.
What bald-faced gall this woman has, to applaud Barney Frank--of all morons--who was just on TV in July saying the outlook was solid for Fannie and Freddie. And who was among several of her colleague cashing checks from Frank Raines and Jim Johnson. This, friends, is what Sarah Palin is running against. She may not be seasoned enough for the CIC role but her heart's in the right place and her change would be real and immediate and positive, unlike the hopey change from the other side.

But we should all look forward to Frank's kangaroo hearings, for their entertainment value alone. Message to Fox News--better put O'Reilly on some meds now!

One more thing. MSM stories are heralding the number of Repubs who turned their votes (26) out of a total of 60 Reps who flipped. You can do the math.

Let's look at some of the flippy Dems and a story about each one:

Emmanuel Cleaver
Elijah Cummings
Jesse L. Jackson Jr.
Sheila Jackson Lee
Barbara Lee
John Lewis
Solomon Ortiz
Bobby L. Rush
Diane E. Watson
Lynn Woolsey
Al Green

Many of the above are members of the CBC. Amazing what a little sugar and some sweet talk from Barack accomplished (along with a shifting of perceptions). But some were stalwart, like the man of cold hard cash, Rep William Jefferson. He held firm with his no vote. But never mind, now that Obama has saved the union we can move on.

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