Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cross Border Syrian Raid

Neither confirmed nor denied. as yet.

As Allahpundit noted a commando raid suggests they were looking for somebody as opposed to just putting a cruise missile down the chimney, although massive explosions tend to attract more attention than a snatch and grab using small arms. Then again, helicopters aren't exactly inconspicuous and the attack took place in broad daylight, so it doesn't appear they were trying to hide themselves. We await further details.

In the meantime some patriots are weighing in over at HuffinPuff:
as expected, W. is delivering the October surprise Mac needed to put economy behind security.

"My friends, Today we are all Syrians."

When will we stop breaching other countries sovereignty? This is insane. We are homogenizing international laws and violating it whenever we please.

I hope Syria takes this matter to the United Nations and doesn't let it slide easily like they did with their aggressive occupying violent psychopathic bullying neighbor to the south
Let's see, Obama campaigns that he'll chase AQ into nuclear Pakistan (or anywhere) with or without permission of the host country and we hear cheering support. Bush evidently chases AQ into Syria without its blessing (we presume) and it's dangerous warmongering that should be reported to the UN.

Yes, the hate is so deep they'll defend a proven sponsor of terrorism whose leader most likely ordered the murders of both Rafiq Hariri and Pierre Gemayel along with setting up a clandestine nuke site with North Korea's help.

Maybe this is what Biden was referring to in his recent comments about standing with the Obama administration after he's been tested. Everyone assumes he meant otherwise.

Well whatever. Maybe president-elect Obama can just bypass Bush and send one of two capable special envoys to broker a surrender...

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