Friday, October 24, 2008

Those Crazy Kids!

Within two days we've seen two stories in the blogs about college-age kids practicing rather juvenile hijinks in an effort to help their favored candidate. One got national press attention and the other got, well, blog attention.

This isn't to diminish the absurd stupidity of the Pennsylvania college Republicans who thought it might be fun to play a little game of race-baiting by concocting a politically and racially motivated phony attack. These idiots were so idiotic they forgot to scratch the "B" on her cheek correctly. Stick with twister, guys.

The only hope left for conservatives is for these clowns to end up being closet Obama supporters working under deep cover trying to embarrass McCain. A rather thin reed, indeed.

But contrary to the Fox News guy's opinion it's not necessarily going to end McCain's chances unless someone directly ties her to the campaign itself, although the media will be doing their best to leave that impression.

What was the other story? Oh yeah, possible voter fraud in Ohio. That's all.


LASunsett said...

These people deserve jail. What will bet they get it, as opposed to the kid that lied in the Duke case, who didn't spend a day in the slammer?

A.C. McCloud said...

I agree, but it's hard to prove intent.

Imagine had these kids been young Republicans, though.

Debbie said...

I've been hearing reports about the young people who flock to Obama's rallies, ... they did not show up in the primaries to vote. So, if that continues to be true, they may not show up for the election on November 4. Wondering what this will do to his numbers.

As to these stupid people like the girl who put the backwards B on her cheek, they need to be held accountable for their actions.

Here's hoping and praying he does not win.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth