Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Keep him away

After the mining tragedy media debacle last night there are just no suitable words of comfort for the relatives and friends. Our hearts go out. At least one minor miracle occurred as Mr. McCloy was saved.

I happened to be watching Fox News around 10 pm CDT when Donna Fiducia broke in with the update--Geraldo was on the phone. He was nearly histerical, similar to his emotional reporting from the scene of Katrina, and was reporting a miracle. Fiducia was dumbfounded as Geraldo went on and on, grabbing people at the scene and reveling in the apparent euphoria.

Nothing will bring these men back, but I do believe Geraldo should be restricted from any future reporting on stories that might involve human beings.


Barry said...

Well, yeah, but if the information he and the others had received had been accurate it would have been a miracle, and no one would've said boo about him.

A.C. said...

A good reporter doesn't need to go emotionally overboard. Others on the scene kept their composure, just like with Katrina.

This guy has been a flop all the way back to the Al Capone vault story.