Tuesday, September 18, 2007

About that protester

A few thoughts...

One, "open mikes" for questions at political events just got a lot riskier. In a world of You Tube and blogs (and their potential for instant fame) there's way too much downside for the average bumbling politician. Restricting them becomes a downside for all of us, but it certainly makes Bush look smarter for restricting his guest lists.

We need better ways to keep civil order at such events short of electroshocking non-cooperative (but non-threatening) participants. Maybe some way of injecting a rapid dose of helium so we can laugh at them as they are being hauled off.

It also points out that John Kerry is still John Kerry. It's doubtful even Teddy Roosevelt could have handled the kid--he was out to make a scene by getting tossed out. Maybe Kerry could have jumped off the stage, tracked the guy down and put a full Nelson on him, but short of that it's a natural frozen moment.

Last but not least, if this story and O.J. Simpson's arrest are the leading headlines things must be getting better in Iraq.

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