Monday, September 17, 2007

Tutu on terror

Sorry if you were expecting an OJ post, you'll have to settle for a Tutu post. Desmond, that is. According to CNN, the Nobel Prize winning Archbishop said the following while speaking at a conference in Hong Kong, and I just couldn't resist commenting on it:
"You can never win a war against terror as long as there are conditions in the world that make people desperate -- poverty, disease, ignorance, et cetera," the Nobel laureate said.
Wrong, wrong, right. The Reverend should know by now that Islamic terrorism is the only brand threatening the world and it's not fueled by poverty or disease. Ignorance, yeah, to the extent that desperate suicide volunteers are expecting a perverted sexual award. But as we clearly saw with Mohammed Atta, being poor is not a prerequisite for becoming human ordnance. Cash and medicines won't defeat this ideology. Non-Islamist terror acts are mostly local in scope.

In some ways we could take Tutu's comments as a veiled threat--not only do we need to fear the Islamic nutballs slicing off people's heads with steak knives but also the 3rd world hungry that might rise up in violence if we don't pay up. The Reverend practically admitted it,
"I think people are beginning to realize that you can't have pockets of prosperity in one part of the world and huge deserts of poverty and deprivation and think that you can have a stable and secure world,"
Think of the Democrat candidates for president--all are espousing some bastardized concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through socialism. Think of how Bush is handling the terrorism problem--by attempting to spread Democracy.

The question we face as free Americans is whether our system of government, one based on personal freedoms and liberties bestowed on us from a "Creator", can survive in a world of global warming, poverty, disease and terrorism. The tipping point is approaching.

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