Saturday, September 08, 2007

And the big ball keeps spinning

No matter what al Qaeda tries to do to us they can't stop the weather. Right now there's a tropical storm called Gabrielle boiling off the coast of South Carolina aiming for the outer banks. A bigger blow might follow later this week.

Many on the left think the specter of global warming is more troubling than a nuke going off in New York--and they're willing to suffer on CO2-spewing Gulfstreams to prove it. Gore and others can't shake the image problem. If say Charlton Heston or Chuck Norris were out stomping around decrying the horrors of global warming a few more might believe in it even though they aren't scientists. Some people continue to have this image of the extreme environmentalist, as portrayed by Jim Carrey back in the 90s:

I tried to think of some environmental music to accompany this post, perhaps something with a nautical theme due to the inclement offshore weather, and this is all that came to mind:

A hearty salud to all the men and women serving on the seas, and those in port as well.

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