Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back to school

Around this time of year the college kids are just getting settled into their fall semesters. This week's musical offering features some music that reminds me of my time at university, which for some odd reason centers on Becker and Fagan (evidence of the corruption of universities!). Here's Kid Charlemagne..

A lot of folks down south probably don't care for Steely Dan what with their distinct New York attitude and sound. Actually, "Do It Again" was a hit all over the country before I hit the road. Here's a version with Skunk Baxter on bongos. You heard that right.

Speaking of Jeff Baxter, he went on to become quite the evil Republican later in life. Here's one more,

Lead guitar player John Herrington is quite talented, which really was a hallmark of the session artists that sat in with this band.

By the way, a lot of blogs are doing the music thing off You Tube, mainly because it's there. Apparently not all of it is there by permission, so sometimes things posted here have a tendency to disappear later. There's certainly no intention to violate copyright on my part, just figure if it's there the artist must not mind, and if they do they'll have it removed.

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