Thursday, September 27, 2007

Third term

Check out the vintage Bill Clinton. Shades of Fox News Sunday and the finger wag..

As if the GOP criticism of the smearing of a honorable general serving in a war zone, with help from a discount by the same paper who leaked two top secret defense programs, could drown out the constant cacophony of criticism about Iraq. No sir, the game plan is to always bring the discussion back to Iraq and never let the voters forget that Bush failed, which is what Slick was artfully trying to do.

Matter of fact, it looks like the Clintons coordinated this talking point. Hillary used it on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace last week, mentioning Max Cleland and Kerry, although with less force. But coordination was not possible with the debate last night since they didn't know the questions, as evidenced by Tim Russert's "ticking bomb" question (watch for it around the 6:30 4:20 mark):

She told the New York Daily News she was basically in favor of an exception to torture in extreme cases last year, but her spokesman fixed everything today:
Upon reflection and after meeting with former Generals and others, Senator Clinton does not believe that we should be making narrow exceptions to this policy based on hypothetical scenarios.
First, Joe Biden won the debate. Second, note to John Edwards: of course we've held people without trials in the past, they are called prisoners of war.

Third, as to Bill, he's making himself very prevalent of late, showing up all over the place on TV, new book, chummy with Gore, etc. He's clearly trying to influence an election involving his wife. But unlike Bush 41 advocating for his son, Clinton stands to re-enter the White House through the back door, giving him a kind of stealth third term. He should go back to acting presidential and stay the hell out of the fray.

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