Saturday, September 29, 2007

Immigration stories

Here are two stories making the rounds. The first illustrates the cultural problems inherent with legal immigrants once they reach a sizable number within a community and how their presence impacts traditional American culture. The second shows why so many taxpaying Americans are irritated with illegal immigration.

Story one:
Parents in an Illinois school district complained about Halloween and Christmas celebrations in their schools. As a result, the school district is considering pulling the plug on all celebrations. But aside from the knee-jerk outrage there might be more to this under the surface. From one of the complaining mothers:
Nixing them isn't the response she was looking for. "Now the kids are not being educated about other people," she said.
Not sure she's telling the truth. It's possible these school officials felt cornered between continuing Christmas parties or having Arab/Muslim cultural propaganda forced down their throats, which might include divisive theories about the Jews or about US involvement in the Middle East, so they punted everything. But it's hard to imagine that wasn't one of two desired outcomes for the people pushing for this change.

Story two:
An illegal Guatemalan immigrant was recently arrested when he tried to pass through airline security with a duffel bag filled with $59,000 in cash he'd saved by working for nine years as a dishwasher. God Bless him for being a dishwasher that long (my first job was a dishwasher at a restaurant) but he made the money under an illegal status and didn't pay taxes on it. The feds have a duty to seize ALL of it:
Zapeta said, "No." He wanted all his money. He'd earned it, he said.

Now, according to Gershman, the Internal Revenue Service wants access to the donated cash to cover taxes on the donations and on the money Zapeta made as a dishwasher. Zapeta admits he never paid taxes.
Which is called tax evasion, another crime.

Yes, businesses, community leaders and the Feds facilitated his nine year crime spree but it's his arrogance that defies belief. It's the same arrogance displayed by illegals marching in street protests holding Mexican flags or anything said by Elvira Arellano. No respect.

But it's also the political hypocrisy that confounds and irritates so many people. Liberals are usually champions of unequal treatment issues but this story begs the question as to whether that zeal equally applies to regular American taxpayers. That's not to leave out the elephants, who should now fully understand that many of their supporters are rule-of-law conservatives and didn't sign on to support a bunch of anything goes, look the other way, destroy the country money grubbers.

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