Monday, September 03, 2007

Bush in Anbar

Granted, they didn't know he was coming, but it seems he got a warmer welcome from the Iraqi insurgents than is being planned for him in Australia:
ONE group of militant APEC protesters is secretly plotting an outbreak of violence for US President George W. Bush's arrival in Sydney tomorrow, distributing a rioter's training manual on how to wear gas masks, confront police and even evade fares.
Hopefully this won't jinx his trip--he's still there as this is being typed.

And sorry, despite White House denials, of course this trip is part photo-op. To think otherwise is silly. But it's more than that. Congressmen and women have been boogeying to Baghdad all during the month of August, getting their own photo-ops and filling up their notebooks in advance of the coming September Petraeus report/war debate. The Commander Guy would be left at a huge disadvantage if he didn't drop by, shake some hands, and get a few first-hand reports of his own.

The lefty peanut gallery is not happy at this turn of events. Outrage seems to be centered on this being only his third trip (gee, remember his first?) to the zone and that he's got the temerity to smile with the troops. This despite going to Anbar while the "House out of Iraq Caucus" chairwoman spent a day in the Green Zone before reaffirming defeat and retreat. And somewhere some nutroot is no doubt praying for an IED, yep, dog bites man.

We'll have to see what happens. Bush is now virtually all by himself as his loyal pals begin preparing to spend more time with their families. It remains to be seen whether his final year will be a sprint on turf or quicksand but it's certain the Democrats are getting desperate over Iraq. They may soon be forced to discuss the details of our retreat with the voters.

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