Friday, September 14, 2007

Godwin's law run amok

Refresher--Godwin's law states, "as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one". There's another noted internet rule of thumb regarding the Nazis, which states that given time everyone will eventually be compared to Hitler.

The advocates for deported illegal alien Elvira Arellano have now reached that hallowed territory in their continuing attempt to score points for the amnesty cause by using an 8 year old boy and his disgraced mother as props.

Time out, why call her disgraced? Well, the media is referring to fugitive Hillary Clinton fundraiser Norman Hsu as "disgraced" in almost every story. Ms. Arellano has been deported twice for breaking the law. Ok, on with the..

Wait, time out again, why refer to Hsu as "Hillary Clinton fundraiser" when he spread money all over the Democrat party house? Well, because the lion's share of his money was funneled to her and because his suicide note reportedly suggested that Obama's campaign fingered him. OK, on with the story.

Them comparing Arellano's son to Anne Frank illustrates just how crazy the left has become. It's not enough to willfully trash a 4 star general before his testimony was even heard, or disregard the threats of our time in the Middle East by claiming the president lied about a figure most of them had trashed for a decade when it was convenient.

Or to suggest that spying on communications in an effort to stop another 9/11, an attack blamed on the lack of government dot connecting, is somehow akin to the development of the Waffen SS in America. The entire Ashcroft hospital event proved beyond doubt the administration was hung up on making sure things were legal or they wouldn't have even bothered to send Gonzales in the first place.

Here in Tennessee, we've got our own disgraced politician who felt compelled to drop the Nazi card while he sat in the back of a police cruiser on his way to the drunk tank. It just boiled out.

I've never agreed with Michael Savage's characterization of liberalism. In my own experience I've known some upstanding liberals, patriotic and concerned citizens. But recent events are beginning to make me think they are rapidly becoming outliers and oddballs when compared to their own mainstream movement. Yeah, for saying that I'll probably be called a Nazi.

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