Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thompson time

Today is his big day, starting with a snubbing of Fox and their GOP debate to appear on Leno followed by an internet video officially announcing his entry, all of which should kick off perhaps the most vicious mud season we've ever seen in presidential politics. Actually, the mud slinging got off to an early start from an unlikely source today (via Hot Air):
The original Fredheads are no longer angry or frustrated; most have been fired already or given up. The remaining originals say they will quit soon.

The latest person let go by the campaign was Jim Mills, a long-time Capitol Hill producer for FOX News, who was told on Friday. A little over a month earlier, Mills was personally recruited and hired as spokesman by Fred and Jeri Thompson at their dinner table.

Mills was given the news by Bill Lacy, Thompson's new campaign manager, who ran Thompson's 1994 Senate race and was later an ad consultant for Bob Dole's 1996 presidential campaign before being fired himself
As an early supporter of Fred it's hard to admit it but yes, some of the frost is off the pumpkin due mainly to all the fits and starts and that gaffe involving his lobbying for the pro-choice group. But things are just starting.

Surely Fox understands that Fred cannot announce on their network. The libs would run that into the ground ad infinitum. He's got to maintain some distance from the Foxes, Hannitys, and Rushes and focus on the mainstream centrist voters where the presidency will be won or lost. Most of those folks will be tuning in to Leno tonight to catch a few laughs or a celebrity, not a politician. The ground is fertile.

In driving to work this morning I heard someone from the Thompson team on Bill Bennett's show--I believe it was Todd Harris--who offered an explanation for the Fox snubbing, basically reminding listeners that dozens more debates are coming and Fred will have plenty of time to show his stuff. His disorganized pre-game show was explained by saying Thompson was a 'drafted' candidate without any real structure on the front end, which required an adjustment period. OK, we'll see.

As Allahpundit opined, a couple of solid performances and much of this goes down the memory hole. It's unwise to throw in the towel before the ship has sunk, and right now Freddie's is still rolling down the hill out of dry dock. But admittedly the staff upheavals, if true, are a bit troubling since it goes towards judgment, management of a bureaucracy, and leadership potential. As they say, it's crunch time. I wish him the best, along with all the candidates. Somebody has to beat "Hillbilly".


Don't know why people are getting on Fred for skipping out on Fox. It's the You Tube debate everyone wants to see.

But about tonight...

Fox just launched into him right off the bat! Huckabee just smacked it out right off the bat!

Paul's response was not funny and disingenuous--nobody is "pro war".

McCain just dropped the "old" joke on him, hello pot? But in a good natured way.

Mitt was gracious and accused him of getting into the race too fast and Rudy just accused him of "playing my part" on Law and Order. Hey, Freddie is already spicing things up!


Rudy and McCain just got their clocks cleaned on immigration. Mitt has the upper hand with his plan to penalize sanctuary cities, but the left will have a field day with that plan. By the way, why the heck is Brownback still around?


Maybe Brownback is still around to hammer home the importance of the family, and why its slow disintegration is something we should pay attention to.


On Fox. Lots of lively reality, not just posed responses. Too bad Fred couldn't have been there, maybe he'd have gotten a question from a real person like the military father who embarrassed Mitt (who should have apologized better but instead launched into rhetoric). Paul is on fire--his veins are sticking out. His stance continues to be stunningly wrongheaded, pointed out nicely by Tancredo.


Paul has floated out and is now playing with the Jetsons. Again he seems to be living in a world devoid of WMDs. Maybe he should just come out and name the city he thinks should give itself up in a first strike nuke attack so he can follow protocol and have the Congress declare war ... not sure who'll they'll declare war on.. as AQ is defined as a stateless bunch of rogues. Oh, and he also just divulged that Israel has a few hundred nukes, no secret to the Iranians of course but not something a president should be throwing around so cavalierly.


Judging by the interviews with viewers, some message board posts I've been watching and my own take I'd say Fred Thompson won again. Nobody really jumped out and got a foothold. Paul and Tancredo were animated on their pet issues, no change, but Romney did not handle the comparison question and Rudy wasn't real convincing on the family values issue. I guess McCain probably did the least amount of damage to himself. Huckabee answers questions well but appears a bit rehearsed at times to me. And Duncan Hunter still should be angling for Secretary of Defense.

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