Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Profiling truckers and fundraisers

The Democrats, with help from a handful of Repubs, have voted down funding a program that was to allow Mexican truckers access to US highways to point of delivery:
Congress on Tuesday moved to block the Bush administration from allowing Mexican trucks to travel throughout the United States, setting up a collision with the White House and possibly straining relations with Mexico.
Part of the program was for the Mexican truck companies to pass U.S. inspections before rolling north. The one truck that has ventured north so far apparently did so. Short of that, why vote down the funding? It's a provision of NAFTA, a trade agreement backed by Bill Clinton. Canadian trucks already use our highways as part of the deal.

Pandermania, of course. There's an election approaching and the Dems can't go wrong throwing some love to the Teamsters while the Repubs who voted for the ban can show their constituents they are tough on Mexico.

But that's not all. Fred Thompson just accused team Hillary of a lapse of judgment for allowing Chinese native Norman Hsu to become a "Hillraiser" in light of troubles they've had in the past with Chinese fundraisers.
Obama was also a recepient of Hsu funds and was asked to comment about Thompson's charges, to which his team responded:
"Are you suggesting we should have racially profiled Hsu because he's Asian?" Obama spokesman Bill Burton asked.
Guess who voted "yea" on the truck ban? Yep.

Afterthought--See Dubya wonders how Hsu passed any Secret Service background checks. Maybe team Hillbilly delegated that job to the bumbler and he lost it. Like under a trailer or something.

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