Monday, September 17, 2007

What is Dick Morris's angle?


Rarely will one see a bashing of a political candidate as thorough as Morris just gave Fred Thompson on Fox today. It's doubtful a Democrat could have done much better. The question is why he's breaking Reagan's 11th Commandment in such a vicious way when Freddie hasn't even debated yet?

Possibilities--1) he's a big Rudy supporter, 2) he's a big Mitt supporter, 3) he's a big Hillary supporter. I'm tempted to take door number three:
Morris began his relationship with Clinton in 1977 when he handled the Arkansas Attorney General's successful campaign to become the youngest Governor in the nation. Morris did not work on Clinton's defeat for re-election in 1980 but did oversee his comeback victory in 1982 as well as his Arkansas re-election victories in 1984, 1986 and 1990.
The notion he's a die hard Republican has always been somewhat in question but there's no disputing he's a winner, which is exactly why Clinton used him. Gotta wonder how that relationship is doing nowadays?

Of course there's always the remote possibility he's right. Several noted Fred boosters have either cooled off or become downright jaded of late due to several of the above-mentioned items and Fred's slow ways. Maybe Morris believes only Rudy can beat Hillary and is trying to save the GOP ship.

Then again, the mere mention translates to formidability. Example, how many hit pieces has Morris penned on Sam Brownback or Duncan Hunter (Ron Paul writes his own)? Attention is attention, and as Thompson said after skipping the last debate, "at least they didn't forget me". The debates await.

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