Sunday, September 30, 2007

Deep cover?

Today's hyperventilating story in the London Daily Mail about Pentagon official Debra Cagan and her hate for all things Iranian will certainly stoke the "neocons are planning to attack Iran" bonfire we've been seeing for some years now (gee, what happened to Scott Ritter?). But her comment begs another question.

If Ms. Cagan is indeed a neocon complicit with the administration's warmongering goals she certainly did a good job suppressing those sentiments when working for the Clinton administration, which this document proves. Are we to believe she was a neocon under deep cover; that all Pentagon officials are neocons; or more sensationally, that her continued employment in the Clinton DoD prove that William Jeff himself was a closet neocon under deep cover??

Perhaps since she was working for the military when Saudi Hizballah terrorists blew up the Khobar Towers and killed DoD servicemen she gets a little emotional on the subject (assuming they are quoting her accurately, which is a big assumption). The Iranians are now killing more American troops with impunity while simultaneously advocating for the elimination of another country and all the western media can do is caterwaul about neocons.

Maybe Ms Cagan is simply one of those people who believes that to forget the past is to repeat it. Maybe she's confused as to why Iran would have cared diddly about US service personnel in Saudi Arabia. Remember, it was supposed to be bin Laden who wanted them out not his "arch-enemy" Iran.

By the way, some might say the picture included with the story is less than flattering. Sort of makes her look like a cartoon super-villain. Deliberately? You can decide for yourself.

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