Friday, September 07, 2007


Haven't read the whole thing yet but was waiting for the all-important analysis from O'Reilly and Geraldo, ahem. Actually, Geraldo made a good point in regards to finding bin Laden in rural Pakistan by saying we can't even find Steve Fossett in our own country.

To me it reads like an Adam Gadahn narrative. Who else would talk about Noam Chomsky and the sub-prime mortgage crisis, or global warming? If Shazzam did write this copy it brings to bear the possibility it was faked, either using a stand-in or editing old tape to make it look new. But I tend to agree with Jim Hoft that bin Laden looks sallow and in need of sun, which would more suggest it's real. Maybe they thought he looked too sickly au natural with the pure grey beard so they either died it black or strapped a fake one on him.

The right is having a little too much fun with the Osama/Democrats comparison, I think. Oh yeah, it's obviously correct but it also plays into the hands of bin Laden by working to divide the population. This murderous cretin needs to be taken for what he is, a rank coward still hiding in seclusion while telling his loyal Jihad followers to go die for him. It's a perfect time for Freddie to step in and bring some clarity to the situation. How could the Dems argue?

A coupla more observations. One, it seemed he was washing his hands of culpability regards any harm that might soon befall the American population for not removing Bush or stopping the war. We had our chance, in other words. One could put that together with his mention of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and run with it.

Two, there may have been another warning of sorts with his reference to former CIA Alec Station director Michael Scheuer. He's steadfastly insisted that AQ should be ignored at our own peril, at times comparing them to the founding fathers in regards to their zeal for the cause. Of course, he also once believed Saddam and Osama were working together, but that's another story.


Marie reminds us of her good questions from earlier this year. They are still good questions. And Debbie is doing some facial recognition over at Right Truth. I think it's really him.

MORE 9/8/07

Here's more insight:
Clarke at ABC suggests fake beard means he’s shaved it, and he’s hiding some place where a beard would stand out. He lists places in Southeast Asia. I have news for Clarke. In Southeast Asia, anyone over 6 feet with a big nose sticks out like a sore thumb
Indeed. This is the same guy who once said if we missed him Afghanistan he'd likely "boogie to Baghdad".


Ramadan is coming. September 11th is once again on a Tuesday this year. The Iraq report is scheduled for Congress soon. Bin Laden has a new tape out. Many see these events as a telltale of a coming attack. Stormwarming says that's inevitable anyway, and points to bin Laden's continuing existence as an overlooked detail.

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