Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lazy Fred comes out swinging

As mentioned in a previous post, the silence from Republicans over the Norman Hsu fund raising meltdown has been rather curious. No more:
"You have to look at this with a great deal of skepticism that - having been through this sort of thing in '96 - that nobody thought to say, 'Hey, you know, we better take another look at this before we take all this money,' " he said.

"And the fact that nobody did - or if they did, they decided to just put their finger in front of their lips and say shhh and try to sneak off into the distance - tells you a great deal about the fact that the Hillary Clinton campaign is the Bill Clinton campaign redux."
Guess they were all waiting for the alpha male to step up--sorry, the lazy, womanizing, lobbying, Watergatin, cradle robbing alpha male.

But this is a good thing. The Thompson guy couched it as a bad judgment call, cleverly bringing Charlie Trie and Chinagate into the mix by doing so. The primary season is designed to help voters see how the candidates react to adversity, so every so often they need to have their airspaces violated. This was one. We'll see how Fred handles the inevitable charges of racism.

Meanwhile, the LA Times continues to pursue the story and is developing some kind of pyramid scheme angle, where investors were literally forced to give money--only to Democrats--in order to maintain their initial outlays.

Possible, but why would a convicted scam artist come back to America, enter the very same state he was wanted, then start another ponzi scheme, this time using politicians, including one of the best known in the country? Hey, maybe he was actually a Rove operative!

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