Sunday, September 02, 2007

Speaking of outrage

The South Korean Christians held hostage and apparently tortured by the Taliban then set free after some kind of 'deal' should open a few eyes. Here's why.

First, South Korea had already announced they were pulling up stakes in Afghan at the end of the year. It's likely the Talibanis figured they had some low hanging fruit and plucked it. Since Seoul was already committed to leaving, albeit quietly, the seized hostages not only made it world news and bad PR for the Coalition but also got them some goodies in the process.

This should be a lesson to any Iraqi Freedom Coalition members or a future Democrat president regarding the risk of making departure timetable announcements about Iraq. No doubt the 'insurgents' there are taking notes.

Is that the outrage? Sort of, but for me it mainly lies with the spinelessness of South Korea. My dad fought on their soil to keep the murderous Christian-hating Commie thugs from taking over that entire country, yet at the first signs of trouble they can't afford to keep a measly 200 people in-country on our behalf, or take a strong stand against terrorists and totalitarianism? Insert cuss word here.

My brain is processing this story two ways. The emotional outer shell is reacting by saying "let's redeploy all our forces from South Korea immediately. We'll let the chips fall where they may. If Kim Jong launches a few long range missiles our way afterwards, we flatten him. Otherwise, they're on their own."

However, my logical inner shell is saying, "we can't allow this head-chopping enemy to divide our friends and allies or even give a hint of such". Right now I'm not sure which one is winning.

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